Gay Vegas was founded in 1997 during the dot-com boom, which included the initial registration of the GayVegas.com domain.
20 years later, Gay Vegas is the voice of the LGBT community in Las Vegas.

Transparent & Verifiable Data

Gay Vegas was the first and is the only LGBT publication in Las Vegas that has ever been audited and verified by an accredited third-party reporting & auditing agency. We have partnered with some of the biggest names in the business including Rivendell Media, Community Marketing Inc. and the Circulation Verification Council.

LGBT-Owned & Operated

HRC's corporate equality index asks whether the applicant company includes LGBT-owned suppliers when sourcing products and services. When you contract with Gay Vegas, you are not only working with Vegas' leading LGBT marketing company, you are also working with one of its only 100% LGBT-owned publications.

Powered by GayVegas.com

We pride ourselves on being technology driven. Gay Vegas and Gay Vegas Magazine are delivered globally through technology. GayVegas.com is the #1 LGBT related website for Las Vegas. We deliver our content not only through print and online but with text messaging, emails, Apps, social media and QR Code technology.

What's Inside?

Gay Vegas has unparalled content that keeps our readers coming back for more.


Exclusive LGBT and Vegas-related
interviews with some of the most
iconic and celebrated personalities.


Locations, nightlife, shows, promotions
and all LGBT-related info from the
Las Vegas strip to the city's gay districts.


Gay Vegas keeps it current by highlighting breaking local news and the latest special events in our local LGBT community.


Luxury editorials and detailed shopping
guides highlight LGBT-friendly businesses
that cater to our diverse community.

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It's all in the numbers. The purchasing power of the LGBT market is estimated at $830 Billion.
See why we are the industry leader for everything LGBT in Las Vegas.

National & Local LGBT Reports

CMI creates an annual report with the participation of over 170 LGBT research partners. The local report for Gay Vegas shows that we rank higher in purchasing than all national LGBT averages.

  • The Las Vegas LGBT market is more than double the LGBT national average in cosmetic enhancement purchases.

  • Since 2014, the percentage of LGBT individuals who have purchased (or leased) a new automobile has increased by 4%. The Las Vegas LGBT market is an additional 2% higher than the LGBT national average.

  • The national LGBT average in Major furniture purchases almost doubled from 15% in 2014 to 26% in 2015. In Las Vegas the LGBT average is 35.8%. That's almost 10% higher than the LGBT national average.

  • 72.5% of the Las Vegas LGBT market purchased tickets for performing arts (music, theatre, etc.). This is almost 5% more than the LGBT national average.

Circulation Verification Council

Not only does Gay Vegas Magazine provide open access to their printing invoices, we have also completed an audit from the Circulation Verification Council (CVC).

CVC has reviewed the printing, distribution, circulation, technology, and general business records of Gay Vegas Magazine for the creation of an audit report used by advertisers for verification purposes.

  • Digital Edition Subscribers - 133,808
  • Text Opt-In Database - 10,076
  • Email Opt-In Database - 123,656
  • Monthly Web Visitors - 137,567

The LGBT Market

LGBT's are known "early adopters" of technology such as smart phones and tablets. LGBT remains the most popular term to describe the community among both men and women.

  • 78% Would switch to LGBT-friendly brands and encourage friends and family to.
  • 70% Would pay a premium for a product / brand that supports the LGBT community.
  • 64% would tell a friend about a brand they are impressed by.
  • 23% have a higher median household income.


    The best way to target the LGBT market is with a partner that can provide you with the knowledge you need for success. Clearly, it isn’t enough to just add a rainbow to your marketing material. You have to deliver on a promise that requires internal practices evaluation, modifications, and training.


Circulation Video

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The Gay Vegas App connects with the LGBT community on their mobile devices.

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  • Business Directory

    Lists gay-friendly businesses, directions and contact information.

  • Digital Magazine

    Creates a direct link to latest issues of Gay Vegas Magazine over various mobile platforms.

  • iOS/Android

    The Gay Vegas App is available on any Apple iOS or Android device.

  • User Registration

    We give users the ability to connect with multiple notification methods customizable to their preference.


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A full page ad is 4.5” W x 5.75” H, which includes the respective bleed all around. The final cut size is 4.25" W x 5.5" H. You can download a full page template PSD file here. You can also download the full advertising specifications sheet here.


A graphic designer can be assigned to create your advertisement. There is also a redesign option every month.


For many years LGBT-focused businesses in Las Vegas refrained from advertising in local LGBT publications because they were unable to receive a return on investment primarily because of a misrepresention in circulation. For years, the focus of former LGBT publications was on catering to major companies with larger budgets. In order to determine if an LGBT publication is successful in targeting their respective LGBT market, you must first verify the number of its LGBT-focused advertisers who depend primarily or exclusively on LGBT customers. Gay Vegas provides maximum returns with honest and verifiable data, and has more LGBT primary advertisers than any other publication has ever had in the history of Las Vegas. We urge you to pick up a copy today and see for yourself.


Gay Vegas is our registered trademark (#4719591, #4553656, & 5353473). Competing companies have tried to associate with our Gay Vegas brand, rest assured, we are the only entity legally allowed to use the Gay Vegas name. We are committed to ethical business practices and our clients seek the same.


Gay Vegas Magazine is found in more locations than any other LGBT publication in Las Vegas. You can see a list of some locations here. Also see a distribution example video here! For the most current and complete list, contact Gay Vegas today at 702-907-0605.



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